Round Reveal: Jump Showdown

Think of Jump Showdown as the evil spawn of our beloved Jump Club. Fittingly for a Final Round where the coveted crown is at stake, Jump Showdown adds a devious layer of nefarious mischief to the barrier jumping you thought you knew, coated in delicious failure-flavoured sprinkles.

This Round has a simple core – you are tasked with surviving a technicolor onslaught of spinning poles where your jelly bean skills will have to be at their agile best to hang. Some you can let pass overhead, others will require a well-timed hop. But that’s not what makes this arguably our trickiest, tensest finale to date! As time passes, segments of the floor will begin to fall away until only two bits of solid safety remain to separate you from certain victory and oodles of purple slime.

These segments will plunge away with no rhyme or reason – disappearing into the abyss at random. As you dodge the spinning poles, you’ll need to keep a keen eye on the floor. If it starts shaking, it’s going, so get moving! Oh and those poles? Yeah, they actually just keep getting faster and faster and faster. Sorry about that.


There’s…an awful lot going on in Jump Showdown, so before you dive in, catch your breath and think about what your little bean is facing up against. There are three things standing between you and the crown – the poles, the platforms and the players.

The poles will accelerate, but you know where they are and where they’re going to go – so try and get a feel for their rhythm. The more comfortable you get with the timed dodging, the more brain power you’ve got left for Jump Showdown’s more devious trappings. It may take a few trips into the slime to get it down, but it’s all about timing those dives between the upper and lower poles just right.

As for the platforms and the players? Beans are gonna bean and as the space to play decreases, the chance of getting bopped increases, so it pays to keep your distance whenever possible. A useful tip to keep in mind is that if you’ve made it to the point where it’s just two safe segments remaining, heading for the platform with the least amount of remaining contestants could turn the odds in your favour. We’re not going to lie, this could involve some slime-defying leaps over the poles but it could be very much worth the risk. And if it isn’t? Well at least you’ll have a funny clip out of it.

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